Michelle Nagell, Minneapolis, MN:
Having Colleen Chen as Rolfer changed my life and I would not be the same person today. I had struggled with chronic pain my whole life until I met Colleen. I never thought I would be able to stand up straight or walk with the ease and confidence I do now. Colleen is a gifted Rolfer with the knowledge, skill and intuition to make the impossible possible. I highly recommend anyone to see this talented Rolfer!!!
Anna Hoopengardner, Walnut Creek, CA:
I have been working with Colleen on and off for over 7 years and she is an amazing Rolfer! I have seen other Rolfers here and there, but none of them have been as skilled as her. I come from a Pilates/Exercise background and am knowledgeable about the body, but through working with Colleen, I learned a lot about body bio-mechanics, which added a depth to my Pilates practice. She was also able to quickly and effectively address my physical issues which, even with my Pilates training, caused me ongoing pain and discomfort. I believe Colleen is a skilled Rolfer because she is highly intelligent and possesses an innate sense of the body. She seems to find the source of physical restrictions easily and intuitively, while paying attention to the overall goal of integration. She also connects with her clients and encourages dialogue and as a result creates a space that feels relaxed and safe which is essential. It sounds funny, but Colleen is easily as strong as a man and is not at all afraid to get in there and get the job done. This coupled with her overt skill and sensitivity makes her an amazing amazing Rolfer! I highly recommend working with her and have referred several friends and clients who have had great success in resolving their postural and chronic pain conditions.  

Sean Smith, Minneapolis, MN:
Colleen is uniquely talented. At my first session, her professional demeanor allowed me to relax, and the skill with which she located and manipulated my most deep-rooted pain soon made me confident that she could help me much more than bodyworkers I've seen in the past. I weigh approximately 200 pounds and enjoy intense ballistic exercise that often produces soreness deep within complex tangles of muscle in my pelvis and back, and previously I had not had much success in attaining relief via bodywork. But Colleen, despite her lack of body mass, was able to extricate these sources of pain and malfunction. I've experienced several euphoric moments in her care as chronic problem spots were instantaneously eradicated under her hands. Her multidisciplinary approach, incorporating breathing and meditation exercises into a session, has also fostered in me an interest in the mental and emotional clarity that such therapy can bring. I'm glad I found her.  
Valentine Lahey, New York City, NY:
Colleen's Rolfing sessions are the best bodywork I have experienced by far. She has a strong capacity to read the body's skeletomuscular subtleties and an intuitive touch to match it, plus, the humility and purpose of a true healer. Her commitment gave me lasting results and helped guide me in my own self-knowledge.  
Scott Hornsey, Sunnyvale, CA:
(From an email (with permission)): If you ever visit your previous home in sunnyvale, I would gladly utilize your services.....I miss you! You have a gift of intuition and hitting the nail on the head.

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