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My journey into holistic health therapies began with an angst-ridden teenage existential search for something beyond the mundane. I felt a daily agony of too many emotions, and I thought WAY too many thoughts, but I never wondered why I didn't particularly feel anything physically. I began to realize, in my early 20s, that the reason for my emoting and thinking too much was because I couldn't tell the difference between my own emotions/thoughts and those of others, and I absorbed it all like a sponge. The reason why I couldn't feel anything physically was that I was disassociated from my body--dis-embodied. My body-being communication was nonexistent.

In 1999 I began seven years of psychic training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and at the Aesclepion Healing Center in San Rafael, CA. The training involved doing many hundreds of spiritual counselings ("psychic readings") and aura healings, but basically, it was an intricate system of teaching how to define a temporal me vs. not-me, to release patterns of belief systems that no longer served me, and to find my body, so I could come back in and own it. After a year there, I realized that my physical body was actually in pain, and I'd never even noticed.  

I was introduced to Rolf Structural Integration at age 25, when I attempted to remedy my pain--caused by a moderate-to-severe scoliosis that had gone untreated until then. Every health professional I met told me it could only be prevented from getting worse, but could never get better. Rolfing was the first modality I encountered whose practitioners actually said that my scoliosis could be improved--and they were quite matter-of-fact about it! After a couple of years of receiving the work and seeing how it changed my body, I became fascinated with the process. So learning how to do the sessions myself and becoming a mirror to help others change has become part of my process. 

It hasn't been a short or particularly easy journey, as emotional trauma underlies most physical fixations and imbalances, and integration sometimes requires facing things we've avoided our entire lives. But it's been life-changing and wonderful to feel all that angst and emotional-mental self-torture--that cringing from life--turn to joy, empathy, and expansion. And it has to do with coming into the body, owning it, integrating it as a fit and lovely vessel for spirit. 

Sessions of Rolfing are, in a way, similar to doing psychic readings--they both have to do with listening, creating a space of communication between client and practitioner, and mirroring patterns in order to create awareness for change. But they have that additional element of having one's body validated by touch, which is a particularly effective way to help people feel and understand new ways to move in gravity that can ease chronic tension and help recharge and redirect energy.   

My certifications are in Rolf Structural Integration, Rolf Movement (the functional component to the structural work), massage, and triggerpoint. I also have training in craniosacral work, Hanna Somatics, and Integral Yoga. I hold a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from Pomona College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and I am a writer.

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